Date: 25th April 2002

Gibson Admits New Mad Max In The Works

Actor Mel Gibson has finally admitted he's in the process of getting a new Mad Max (1979) film off the ground.

The Lethal Weapon (1987) star has repeatedly denied there will be a fourth installment of the apocalyptic series of films, which he stars in the title role, but has now revealed he's in talks with Mad Max director George Miller.

But Gibson warns it is still unclear whether the project will get off the ground, citing the reluctance of producers to put faith in him. He says, "There's a lot more factors involved than just saying yes. I mean, I want to, and George wants to, but there's a lot of wrangling and weirdness that I can't even begin to explain in the business world of studio financing. I sometimes sit there and think, when the hell are they ever going to trust me, Twenty five years with a few sixes and they still won't trust you."

Source: WENN