Date: 24th April 2002

J.Lo Terrified Co-Star

Jennifer Lopez's new co-star was terrified when she demanded a meeting at her home before filming on Enough (2001) started - because he believed everything he read about her.
Actor Billy Campbell, who plays her abusive husband in the movie, was convinced the singer would be an out-of-control diva. And he was pleasantly surprised when he eventually met her.
He says, "I have to admit I didn't know what to expect. People
sort of whip themselves into a frenzy talking about J.Lo. You hear all the stories about strange behaviour, having people strew flowers in her way."

"I now have this notion that J.Lo sits in her trailer and makes
up these stories and puts them out in the world just to stir people up."

"I went to her house before the film to meet her and see if she
approved and I was a little worried if she was gonna come
downstairs breathing fire. "

"But she's really incredibly focused; she's a mini empire. She's
got more irons in the fire than you can imagine. She's sweet and
she has the best sense of humour."

Source: WENN