Date: 22nd April 2002

Hugh Grant: There Won't Be A Bridget Jones 2

Hugh Grant has shocked British movie fans, by insisting there won't be a sequel to Bridget Jones's Diary (2001). Grant teamed up with American star Renee Zellweger last year (2001) for the romantic comedy.

It went on to be a global box-office hit and grossed $76 million (54 million) in the states alone.But despite reports of a much anticipated follow-up flick this year (2002) - Hugh says he's not keen to reprise his role as devious boss Daniel Cleaver.

The British actor says, "I would not put money on it being made. The people who are keen to make the sequel are Working Title (production company) because they see dollar signs flashing in front of them. I'm a little bit equivocal to tell you the whole truth. I don't feel particularly keen. If you fund more productions, you don't get more good films, you get more bad ones."

Grant also joked that he wasn't sure Zellweger - who played the title character in the first film - wanted to pile on the pounds to reclaim her role. He adds, "I don't think Renee is that keen to be fat again."

Source: WENN