Date: 18th April 2002

The Rock Knocks Out Michael Clarke Duncan

Wrestling star The Rock's fighting skills clearly haven't left him - he knocked out Scorpion King, The (2001) co-star Michael Clarke Duncan while they made the movie together.

The Rock, real name Dwayne Johnson, says that he and the imposing Planet Of The Apes (2001) star were filming a fight scene when he knocked the actor out cold - without intending to.

The WWF ace turned actor recalls, "During a really big fight scene between myself and Michael the director yelled action and the tip of my elbow caught him on the end of his jaw, knocking him completely out. We've been best friends for a long time so to see a best friend of mine go down completely knocked out cold was bad. He got back up and he was ready to go. He said, Don't touch me, let's roll. "

But The Rock felt so bad about the mishap, he went out to get him a watch. He adds, "I felt so bad for what happened, I wound up getting a beautiful watch made for Michael. It was a custom-made Rolex yacht master. It was embezzled with diamonds with a black mother of pearl face. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. But it was so nice, I actually kept it for myself! I had another watch made for him - a beautiful, exquisite Mickey Mouse watch - it was the very least I could do!"

Source: WENN