Date: 12th April 2002

J.Lo's A Barbie Girl

New York beauty Jennifer Lopez has exposed the real influence behind her new clothing line - plastic sensation Barbie. The singer, actress and restaurant owner launched J. LO By Jennifer Lopez late last year (2001), and she admits her days of paying attention to the doll favourite had an influence on her sense of style today.

She recalls, "I really loved Barbies and I loved dressing them. I loved clothes always, I guess. I loved their little shoes and clothes and everything. I loved their rubbery shoes and high heels. "

Now the Latina sensation is seeing the results of her early flirtations with fashion - although she'll have to get over a few obstacles before she can make her own brand of shoes. She continues, "We talked about that and how that works is there's all these separate licenses that you have to take out for each different thing, and little by little we'll venture into the different accessories as the company grows. "

All the same, she's still drawing influence from her everyday activities - including her new movie Enough (2001). She adds, "Things in my life work their way into my line. During the end of Enough I was into sports clothing and it worked its way into the line. "

Source: WENN