Date: 10th April 2002

Halle Berry In Serious Accident

Halle Berry narrowly escaped serious injury when a piece of grenade hit her in the eye during the filming of the new James Bond flick. The Oscar-winning star was filming a scene in which Pierce Brosnan shoots down a helicopter flown by Rick Yune, who plays baddie XAO, when the accident happened. During a series of explosions a piece of debris from a smoke grenade flew into the 33-year-old actress' left eye and she was rushed to hospital by aides.

A source told British tabloid newspaper The Mirror, "The fragment was removed from Halle's eye during a half hour operation. She now has a very inflamed cornea which has left her with a bright red eye. Halle was given Sunday off and left the clinic with various creams and lotions to soothe her eye. It looks really painful, but she was so professional about the whole incident. She didn't make a fuss at all. Her husband Eric Benet flew out with her from London and is looking after her. "

Dr Antonio Fernandez, who treated the actress, says, "It could have been much more serious. She had been quite lucky in fact. "

The star is now back filming the 20th Bond movie, tentatively titled Die Another Day (2002), in Cadiz, Spain.

Source: WENN



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