Date: 3rd April 2002

Winona Ryder Urged To Take Up Farming

Troubled actress Winona Ryder has been told to quit acting and become a farmer by Cleptomaniacs And Shoplifters Anonymous. Terry Shulman, founder of the organisation for light-fingered folk, made the suggestion after reports late last year (2001) that the Girl, Interrupted (1999) star was stopped walking out of a Los Angeles boutique with $4,800 (3,500) worth of clothes she had allegedly failed to pay for.

It was claimed Winona used scissors to cut security tags of the clothes. But Michigan-based Shulman insists the actress should use this negative experience to inspire her to swap posh Hollywood frocks for a shovel and a pair of rubber boots.

He says, "Winona (allegedly) cut the tags from the clothing, which leads me to believe she's a shoplifter, not a kleptomaniac. Part of recovery is getting in touch with who you are, so Winona should play fewer roles, and just play herself. She needs solitude. Maybe she could be a farmer. "

Winona's preliminary court hearing, which was originally scheduled for 19th March 2002, has been postponed to 10th April 2002.

Source: WENN