Date: 2nd April 2002

Dougray Got MI2 Role After Beating Cruise At Pool

Mission Impossible 2 (2000) star Dougray Scott has revealed how he won the part of bad guy Sean Ambrose in the blockbuster movie - he beat Tom Cruise at pool.

The Scottish actor was plucked from obscurity to star opposite Cruise in the 2000 film after the Vanilla Sky (2001) star saw Scott's performance in low budget British flick Twin Town (1997). And Dougray says he still can't believe he got the part, especially after beating Cruise - who also produced the movie - at pool.

Scott says, "It was bizarre. Tom saw Twin Town and loved it and thought that I was the guy to play his nemesis. They came to me, which is extraordinary. They flew me to Los Angeles. I met Tom in his house and we talked for a couple of hours. We played pool and I cleared the table. Not really a good move. But he won the next one and said 'This is great isn't it?' By the time I got back to the hotel they were doing the deal. I was the only actor they saw so it was flattering. "

Source: WENN