Date: 2nd April 2002

Crowe Accused Of Stealing Rugby Players

An Australian rugby coach has accused Oscar-winner Russell Crowe of luring players to a rival team. Chris Anderson, who trains the Sharks, claims the Gladiator (2000) star broke the rugby league's anti-tampering laws by enticing National Rugby League player of the year Preston Cambbell from the Sharks to South Sydney. Anderson has also accused Crowe of talking to St George Illawarra sportsman Nathan Blacklock.

Anderson rants, "I heard two weeks ago that Russell Crowe was ringing Preston and Blacklock trying to get them to go to Souths. If that is the case, it's absolutely wrong. However as Crowe is an avid fan of South Sydney, rather than a club official, Anderson acknowledged it may be difficult to do anything to stop Crowe's so-called player luring." Anderson adds," The rules are in place to stop offers like that but clubs can just say they know nothing about it. That's the problem with these anti-tampering laws - it's hard to enforce them. "

Source: WENN