Date: 26th March 2002

Party Season For Affleck

Oscar-winning actor Ben Affleck has fallen off the wagon - and into Nicole Kidman's arms. Affleck, who checked into a dryout clinic last August (2001), has been having wild parties at his house in the Hollywood hills, according to American showbiz website Pagesix.

The bashes frequently go on until 5 or 6am, and Moulin Rouge (2001) actress Nicole - along with old friend Naomi Watts, sexy star of David Lynch's Oscar-nominated Mulholland Drive (2001) - is a regular guest. And she doesn't always go home when the party's over, say sources.

But Affleck's representative Julie Weitzeberg rants about the reports, "Absolutely not. He's sober, and he's been working diligently on his upcoming film Gigli (2002) with Jennifer Lopez. He's had six-day work weeks and hasn't been partying at all. " Catherine Olim, Kidman's spokesperson adds, "I don't know if Nicole has ever been to Ben Affleck's. But I wish everybody over there would just get a life, because this just all gets ridiculous and I'm pretty tired of it.

Source: WENN



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