Date: 22nd March 2002

Ali G In Da House Premiere

Ali G turned up at the premiere for his new film, Ali G in da House (2002), last night wearing a jewel-studded crown and a thirty foot long velvet cape. (Bling! Bling!)

At his side through-out were six 'beetchas' wearing only skimpy canabis shapped bikinis.

He said: "I told Me Julie that the prmeiere was tomorrow night cos I knew there would be loads of bitches here tonight. "

Whilst making a speech to the celebrity packed cinema before the film started, Ali G explained why no members of the royal family had attended the premiere.

He said: "The Queen and Charles said no. And Harry said no - probably cos him still owe me 20 squid for dat eight. "

In Oscar style Ali G also had his thank-yous to make: "I must thank Working Title Films for this. They forked out 12 million for the movie. And 11. 5 million went into that cafe in Amsterdam. "

Speaking about his role, which includes a stint as MP for Staines, Ali G detailed his plans for the country if he ever really becomes MP for his hometown.

He said: "I would rename Berkshire as Booyaksha and Great Britain as Wicked Britain, plus I'd get rid of Wales completely, and hopefully swap it for half of Jamaica. "

An after party at the Mafair club in Soho was attened by Sacha Baron Cohen's real life Me Julie, ex-Home And Away actress Isla Fisher. Other guests included Jonathon Ross, Eastenders actress Tamsin Outhwaite, disgraced ex-MP Neil Hamilton and wife Christine Hamilton, famously pregant pin up Jordan and actors Charles Dance and Micheal Gambon, who both appear in the film.

Naomi Cambell, who makes a cameo appearance in the film, arrived with "friend" Tony De Niro.

Source: Press Release