Date: 20th March 2002

Winslet A Pin-Up In Afghanistan

Kate Winslet has become a secret pin-up in Afghanistan. The actress' Titanic (1997) role became an underground hit in Afghanistan, where watching western films was outlawed under the strict Taliban regime.

American broadcaster Diane Sawyer told Winslet, a guest on American breakfast show Good Morning America, she had seen posters of the actress as Rose in Titanic during a recent trip to Afghanistan and asked locals to explain why the actress was everywhere.

Sawyer said, "They all knew exactly who you were. They had been hiding videos of you in food bags, under their pillows and passing them from hand to hand. They said it was one of the things that sustained them to be able to share Titanic during all those years." Winslet remarked, "That's so amazing. That makes me want to cry. It reconfirms that Titanic was enormous."

The British Oscar-nominated actress admits she too has come to realise how big Titanic (1997) has become - even in the most remote places. She adds, "I remember being in India soon after it had been released and I was walking in the foothills of the Himalayas researching another job. An old man, who must have been 90-years-old, just looked up at me and said, 'You, Titanic. I was in the middle of nowhere. "

Source: WENN