Date: 27th March 2002

Ali G In Trouble With Cheeky Poster

A poster publicising the new film, Ali G in da House (2002), has been banned by authorities.

The cheeky billboard poster - showing Ali with a naked woman, his hands suggestively positioned over her bottom has been deemed unfit for the public to see.

This is not the first time Ali G, played by Sacha Baron Cohen, 29, has caused outrage with his antics.

First there were the apologies for the fruity language on Sara Cox’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show, then Ali G was forced to make assurances he would behave himself before being allowed on Parkinson, then the authorities effectively banned his television adverts.

In one televsion advert Ali accidentally pulls The Queen’s skirt down. As her skirt falls to the floor Ali, leader of the Staines massive, looks between her legs and exclaims “Shaven haven. Respec!”.

But, in the Queens Golden Jubilee year, the scenes have been deemed “unfit for TV”.

Ali G has also proved to be a loose canon in interviews and the BBC was forced to issue an apology after Ali appeared on Sara Cox’s Radio 1 show last month, claiming he had “knobbed” J Lo, smuggled weed back from Jamaica and called Pop Idol winner Will a “batty boy”.

Ali G In Da House tells the story of Ali’s rise to the House of Commons from Staines and stars Charles Dance and Michael Gambon alongside Sacha Baron Cohen.

The film was released through United International Pictures on March 22.

Source: Press Release