Date: 13th March 2002

Bond To Die Another Day - With Madonna

The title of the new James Bondfilm has been announced, and it's a surprise - the 20th 007 instalment will be called DIE ANOTHER DAY. Despite speculation that the upcoming action flick would be called various titles including Beneath The Sea and Beyond The Ice, the producer's choice comes as a shock. The eagerly awaited movie, currently shooting with PIERCE BROSNAN, HALLE BERRY and DAME JUDI DENCH, is scheduled for release in Britain and American on the 22nd November (2002).

And, according to British tabloid The Daily Star, pop Queen MADONNA has virtually sealed the deal to sing the movie's title song after months of negotiations. A source says, Madonna has really wanted to do the soundtrack and the producers have been desperate to sign her up. "They have been in discussions for quite a while, but now everything's pretty much agreed. It's a huge coup for the film-makers. "

Source: WENN



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