Date: 12th March 2002

Angelina And Billy Bob Adopt Cambodian Child

ANGELINA JOLIE and BILLY BOB THORNTON have realised their parenting dreams by adopting a Cambodian baby boy. The wacky Hollywood couple took charge of their new son over the weekend, according to Jolie's father Jon Voight. Speaking at the Academy Awards luncheon in Los Angeles yesterday (11th March 2002), Voigt said,

"They got a baby yesterday. He's a Cambodian baby boy. They don't have a name for him yet. They have to see who he is. So I'm a grandfather today. " However, Voight's announcement comes as some surprise as Jolie was quoted on Sunday (10th March 2002) as saying she had not spoken to her father since they finished filming 2001's TOMB RAIDER (2001) together.

Source: WENN



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