Date: 28th August 2000

Sylvester Stallone Tamed By Wife

SYLVESTER STALLONE went from womanising wildman to faithful family man thanks to the love of beautiful wife JENNIFER FLAVIN. The 54-year-old ROCKY action hero once romanced some of Hollywood's sexiest women, and loved to live it up at Los Angeles' most buzzing night spots.

But, after Flavin nearly left the Hollywood heavyweight because of his roving eye, Stallone decided he preferred the company of the most important women in his life - Jennifer and their daughters SOPHIA ROSE, 4, and SISTENE, 2.

Flavin's pal says, "Jennifer told me that when she and Sly reunited she was afraid of getting hurt again. It wasn't until the children came along that he really settled down and became the most wonderful husband and father in the world."

A source close to the family reveals that when Sophia was born with a hole in her heart, "Stallone promised God he'd be the best Dad in the world." And when the child recovered Stallone lived up to his word and abandoned his womanising ways for his young family.


Source: WENN