Date: 28th February 2002

Madonna’s Marriage On The Rocks – Again

MADONNA and British director GUY RITCHIE are suffering marital problems - because the pop legend is trying to control her husband. According to American publication US Weekly, the super star and her SNATCH (1999) helming beau, who have been married for only 14 months, are locked in a bitter battle over who wears the trousers.

A source tells the magazine, "There's no talk yet of separation, but big problems are afoot. " Among the difficulties is that Madonna, 43, and 33-year-old Ritchie have very different personalities. The source continues, "He's gregarious, a real free spirit who has a lot of friends and likes going out shooting and hunting. And she likes to have him home because she's controlling. He's very depressed about the whole situation. "

But Madonna's spokeswoman insists, "They are extremely happy - better than you can imagine. "

Source: WENN



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