Date: 22nd February 2002

Denzel's Film Worries Hospital Authorities

American hospitals fear rush of "waiting room terrorism" in the wake of DENZEL WASHINGTON's new movie JOHN Q (2001). In the film, currently at the top of the American box office, Oscar-nominated Washington plays a desperate father who takes over a hospital after learning his health insurance isn't enough to save his dying son.

And, a week after the film's release, health officials are concerned about the risk to doctors, nurses and patients should people decide to follow the examples they see in the flick. Rick Wade of the American Hospital Association says, "Terrorism has never saved anyone's life. Some of our members are concerned this film might provoke copycats. Our emergency rooms are violent enough without having somebody plant the idea that the way you get what you need is to hold a gun in a doctor's face. "

Source: WENN