Date: 1st February 2002

Lopez Beside Herself With Grief

Sexy star JENNIFER LOPEZ is "beside herself with grief" after losing her custom made diamond wedding ring. The singer and actress stopped filming on her new movie Gigli (2002) to order a mass search of the set when she discovered her $28,000 (20,000) band from husband Cris Judd was missing - after she gave it to an assistant to hold as she shot a scene.

A source on the films says, "Jennifer went berserk when she lost the ring. She handed it to someone while she shot a scene on January 18 (2002). Jennifer was afraid Cris would find out and it would hurt him deeply, so she swore everyone to secrecy. The entire set turned into a whirlwind of activity while they searched for it. A group of guys from the film crew were actually crawling on their hands and knees as they looked. "

However, the team effort was to no avail - and the ring remained lost - and Lopez had to break the bad news to her dancer husband. "The lovebirds worked it out," the source adds. "Jennifer began wearing a temporary one until they can get a new one. "

Source: WENN