Date: 21st January 2002

Charlie Sheen's Drugged Up Golden Globe Joke

Spin City star CHARLIE SHEEN enjoyed a joke at his own expense at Sunday's (20th January 2002) Golden Globe awards when he compared his trophy- win to taking drugs. The former Hollywood hellraiser, who's now engaged to sexy actress DENISE RICHARDS, is enjoying his sobriety after a long stint of battling drug problems.

And attendees at the Beverly Hills, California, ceremony were both stunned and amused when Sheen, who won the Best Lead Actor award for his role in the hit TV show, took to the stage to express his gratitude. He told the audience, "My lovely fiancee had a dream I would win. I didn't want to prepare a speech in case it looked like I expected to be up here. This is so surreal. It's like a sober acid trip!" (RGS/WNV/KW)

Source: WENN