Date: 8th January 2002

Prince William Attacks Reporter

Prince William, second heir to the throne, has been accused of a vicious verbal assault on a 'Royal' photographer, who was forced into a ditch as a result.

During a family hunt, attended by Will's father Prince Charles and younger brother Harry, the young Prince spotted the freelance photographer Postlethwaite and launched an attack through vicious words of scorn.

Exploding with rage, Prince William shouted "F**king piss off, Postlethwaite!", forcing him into the ditch as his horse drew nearer.

"He screamed at me and his horse was so close that I had little choice but to drop my camera equipment and to jump backwards into the hedge and ditch. I was standing waiting on a corner of the farm where he was returning. Prince Charles went past first and then William saw me and went mad. He could see me from a long way off and I did nothing to startle him,"

One of the palace's spokesman has denied all knowledge of the alleged incident.