Date: 22nd December 2001

Jealousy To Blame For Tom And Drew's Split

Jealous TOM GREEN filed for divorce from his wife DREW BARRYMORE because even counselling couldn't help him accept the fact that he'd always be just the husband of a superstar. According to pals, Green often flew into rages when he realised he would always be the least important part of the relationship.

One pal, who was among the many urging Drew to reconsider marrying Green, says, "He had a major bomb with Freddy Got Fingered (2001) while Drew had a huge hit with CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2000), and had critics raving about her performance in riding IN CARS WITH BOYS (2001).

She's one of the most in-demand actresses, but Tom is still a cult figure, pretty much unknown across America. He really is just Mr Drew Barrymore and that rankles him. "
In divorce papers filed on 17 December (2001), Green cited "irreconcilable differences. " (KL/NE/ES)

Source: WENN