Date: 23rd December 2001

Toned-Down Beloved Upsets Actress

TV bosses at America's NBC channel have stirred up a storm of controversy by cutting harrowing scenes of slavery and torture out of epic movie Beloved (1998). The 1998 film version of Toni Morrison's Pulitzer-prize winning novel, set in the American Civil War era, stars OPRAH WINFREY and was poorly received at the box office.

And to make sure it wasn't a flop on TV when it aired, NBC bosses cut out huge sections of the three-hour plus movie. But actress LISA GAY HAMILTON, who played the younger version of Winfrey's character Sethe in the film, is appalled. She fumes,

"This is a disservice to Toni Morrison and everyone who worked on this movie. If they're taking out most of the violence, they're missing the point. This is history, not make believe. It's not fair and it's not intelligent. If that's what you're going to do to the movie, don't call it Beloved. " (KL/LAT/NFA)

Source: WENN