Date: 22nd September 2000

Movie Reviews: Urban Legends: Final Cut

The Exorcist will be competing with a new horror-film sequel, Urban Legends: Final Cut, which many analysts believe will likely top the box office -- despite atrocious reviews by virtually every critic.

Tom Maurstad in the Dallas Morning News complains that the movie "is so stupid and sloppy, it will offend the intelligence of anyone whose age surpasses his shoe size." "It's several, uh, cuts below its predecessors," writes Lou Lumenick in the New York Post. Robert Denerstein, writing for the Scripps Howard News Service, concludes: "This unhappy little movie makes the Scream movies look like expressions of genius."

Then again, many critics are required to watch every slasher/serial killer movie released by the studios and many of them have had their fill. Among them is Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times, who comments in his review of the film: "I don't know if you're tired of terrified girls racing through shadowy basements pursued by masked slashers while the soundtrack pulses with variations on the Halloween theme, but I am."

Source: Studio Briefing