Date: 23rd December 2001

Ewan's Character Changed To Avoid Child Abuse Controversy

EWAN McGREGOR's character name in new war movie BLACK HAWK DOWN (2002) had to be changed - when the real-life hero he portrays was convicted of child abuse. The Scottish actor's character John Grumes is based on real- life John Stebbins, who won America's Silver Star medal for bravery in the Battle of Mogadishu.

Stebbins, now 36, was courtmartialled in June 2000 for abusing a child under the age of 12, and he is currently serving a 30 year sentence at Leavenworth military prison in Kansas. Mark Bowden, who wrote the best-selling book about a botched American raid in Somalia and the movie's screenplay, admits he was pressured into changing the name of McGregor's character by officials at the Pentagon, to avoid controversy. (KL/LAT/NFA)

Source: WENN