Date: 24th December 2001

Saffron Burrows' Gangster Fighting

Movie critics watch out - British actress SAFFRON BURROWS was taught to punch by legendary British gangster Reggie Kray. The deceased East End tough guy showed the actress how to smack a foe after she broke her hand trying to beat up a co-star in mob movie Gangster No.1 (2000).

Burrows was visiting a pal, who just happened to be in the same prison where Kray spent his final months, when the 1960s villain noticed her bandages and offered to help. She recalls, "I'd had this big fight scene with a stunt double and he had like a steel chest. I had to completely pummel him. He kept telling me I wasn't hitting him hard enough, so eventually I smacked him so hard that my hand went pop, and I ended up with a swelling the size of a golfball.

I'd broken a bone in my hand and the next time I went into the prison, Reggie Kray noticed my bandages and asked what happened. "
When he found out I'd been in a fight, he volunteered to teach me how to punch properly. " (KL/LAFR/NFA)

Source: WENN