Date: 21st December 2001

Aniston Upset Over Pitt's Betrayal

JENNIFER ANISTON has been left fuming after learning that her husband BRAD PITT smooched with GEORGE CLOONEY's assistant just minutes before going on an overseas tour. According to American tabloid the 'Star', the' Friends' beauty was already in a foul mood and news of Pitt's kiss with 34-year-old Amy Cohen earlier this month (December 2001) sent her over the edge.

A source says, "Jen was told in intimate detail how Brad smooched another woman and got upset. What's worse, she couldn't confront Brad right then because he'd left the country!" Brunette Cohen is Clooney's longtime personal assistant - and, according to reports, has a reputation for openness and friendliness, which makes her popular with men.

She has even spoken on camera of how she slept with NOAH WYLE's 'ER' stand-in, French-kissed a man at a party and had sex with a German guy. The shocking confessions are in 'Full Tilt Boogie', the 1998 documentary about the making of the Clooney film From Dusk Till Dawn (1996).

Although Pitt and Cohen are just good friends and the kiss was in front of a group of onlookers, friends of the ROCK STAR (2001) actress say she became very jealous. Following the clinch, Pitt, along with Ocean's 11 (2001) co-stars Clooney, JULIA ROBERTS and ANDY GARCIA flew to Turkey to visit American servicemen. (RGS/TS/BRC)

Source: WENN