Date: 20th December 2001

Paltrow Defends Fat Flick

GWYNETH PALTROW is furious that people are criticising her new film - because they've totally missed the point. The skinny star takes the lead in SHALLOW HAL (2001), about a man who falls in love with her 'inner beauty' and who thus sees Gwyneth in her superslim form - while the audience view her 'real' screen self, clad in a chunky fat suit.

The movie has been lambasted by critics for its sizeism, but Gwyneth insists they've got it wrong. She says, "I get really p***ed off when people say, 'I'm really offended by this,' because actually it's the exact opposite of making fun of fat people. It's not like we were trying to achieve something of literary or poetic importance, we were just making a movie that is really funny and makes people feel good. " (NFA/TO/KW)

Source: WENN