Date: 18th December 2001

George Harrison's Wife Facing Jail

Beatle GEORGE HARRISON's grieving widow Olivia could face up to six months in jail for giving false information on his death certificate. The address in Beverly Hills that Olivia put down as the place of George's death from cancer last month (29th November 2001) does not exist. It is thought that the Beatle wife wanted to stop fans making pilgrimages to where her husband died, putting the spot on Hollywood's ghoulish death tours.

Olivia and her son Dhani have also refused to say where George's ashes are to be scattered, but now police have launched an investigation into the death certificate details after receiving an official complaint from lawyer Gloria Allred. Allred says, "Celebrities and their supporters are not above the law, even if they are acting with good intentions. " The penalty for submitting false information on an official document can be up to six months in prison. (LE/WNTST/ES)

Source: WENN