Date: 13th December 2001

Nicole Haunts Tom

TOM CRUISE refuses to rule out a reconciliation with his former wife NICOLE KIDMAN. The Hollywood star, 39, is currently dating his VANILLA SKY (2001) co- star Spanish actress Penélope Cruz - but won't entirely discount the possibility of getting back together with OTHERS, the (2001) star Kidman.

He reasons, "In the real world nothing's impossible. " In last month's (November 2001) amiable divorce settlement, Kidman, 34, got their $33. 6 million (£24 million) Los Angeles mansion and a $3. 9 million (£2. 8 million) harbour-front house in Sydney, in her native Australia.

Tom keeps their Colorado ranch and three jets. The former golden couple have two adopted children, Connor, six, and Isabella, eight. (KW/WNTEX/RGS)

Source: WENN