Date: 8th December 2001

Gwyneth Paltrow Hurt By Media 'Fat' Slurs

Skinny actress GWYNETH PALTROW blames the media for her constant scrutiny of her svelte frame. The SLIDING DOORS (1998) actress donned a fat suit for her role in new film SHALLOW HAL (2001), but is very self-conscious of her real figure because of the media's eagle eyes.

She says, "You get super-critical of yourself. Recently I've gained weight and people keep commenting on it. I'm still slender, but when people are constantly scrutinising every angle of your body it tends to make you self-conscious. A recent article in the New York Post said that I was getting fat and retaining water because of my macrobiotic diet and that my body wasn't as good as it was. It did hurt my feelings." (JLM/WNS/NFA)

Source: WENN



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