Date: 10th December 2001

Richard Burton Had Secret Child

Legendary actor RICHARD BURTON had a secret child with his first wife Sybil Williams. The Welsh-born Hollywood star left Williams in 1963 to marry fellow Hollywood star Dame ELIZABETH TAYLOR. Until now it was believed that Burton and Williams had just one child together - Kate, now 44.

But actress Kate has revealed that her father was reluctant to leave her mother for Taylor, because they had another child together, Jessica. Burton's secret child was born suffering from autism and schizophrenia and was institutionalised at just 6-years-old.

Kate admits, "Jessica is mentally retarded which is very difficult. But she has been in a home for a very long time and it is something that has become part of our lives. Everybody has something in their family and it's hard. I feel fortunate that my father was so successful that he made the money he did so he could support her for the rest of her life.

Certainly my life would have been different if Jessica had been all right. I wouldn't have been the daughter of Richard Burton. There would have been two of us to share things. "

Source: WENN