Date: 7th December 2001

Cruz Moves In With Boyfriend Cruise

Spanish actress PenÚlope Cruz and her superstar lover TOM CRUISE are stepping up their fledgling romance by moving in together. But screen beauty Cruz has already noted a downside to the move - she can't live in her dream city, New York.

Cruz, who co-stars with Cruise in the upcoming movie VANILLA SKY (2001), says she'd love to spend more time in the bustling city dubbed the Big Apple, but can't because her lover resides thousands of miles (kilometres) away in Los Angeles.

She says, "I want to get an apartment in New York - not to live here all the time, just to have a place here. I get recharged here - going to the theatre, to movies, to museums. Just looking at people on the street can give you so much."

Cruz, who still maintains a home in her native Madrid, adds, "But now I live in Los Angeles, more for personal reasons. I live with my boyfriend." (RGS/U/MCM)

Source: WENN