Date: 7th December 2001

Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee Fight Over Kids

After one of the most public marriage bust-ups in Hollywood history PAMELA ANDERSON and Tommy Lee are preparing for another court battle - this time over their two sons. Former Baywatch babe Anderson has filed a motion against Lee for full custody of Brandon, 5, and three-year old Dylan - which would overturn a joint-custody agreement set up after their divorce in 1998.

The busty VIP star - who is now dating KID ROCK - also wants the court to monitor Motley Crue rocker Lee's visit's with the boys and order him to take anger-management classes. According to the New York Daily News, Pammy's 15-page filing includes a string of allegations against her former husband - including her concerns about his bad-behaviour.

But a spokesman for Tommy has slammed the claims, saying, "They are old and totally without merit. As recently as two months ago, Pam has been quoted as raving about what a wonderful father Tommy is."

And friends of Lee's accuses Anderson of launching a smear campaign against the drummer, because he asked for greater custody privileges. A pal fights back saying, "Tommy is going to take the gloves off. Who's she to talk about being a good parent when she and KID ROCK are talking in Spin Magazine about tubing with the boys while drinking Cristal and Budweiser?" (IG/WNWDN/ES)

Source: WENN