Date: 6th December 2001

Cruz Caught In Press Row

Journalists were left fuming after they were told they could only interview PenÚlope Cruz if they spoke to minor stars from another flick first. A host of media employees turned up to Essex House in Manhattan to talk to the stunning Spaniard about her new movie VANILLA SKY (2001), but were told by Paramount executives they would have to cover a low-key film ORANGE COUNTY (2002) too.

Orange county (2002) stars TOM HANKs' son Colin and Sissy Spacek's daughter Schuyler Fisk and SHALLOW HAL (2001) star JACK BLACK. One veteran producer rants, "Unless I agreed to send a reporter to do Orange County on Saturday (1st December 2001), I couldn't have PenÚlope Cruz on Sunday (2nd December 2001). It was out-and-out extortion."

Paramount staff overseeing both press junkets told angry reporters they wanted TV interviews with the Orange county (2002) cast. (ES/WNWDN/IG)

Source: WENN