Date: 1st December 2001

Jennifer Lopez' Marriage On The Rocks

jENNIFER LOPEZ' marriage to dancer Chris Judd has already hit the rocks after just three months. America's Globe Magazine claims the couple have fallen out because Lopez is too famous for her new husband to deal with.

A source says, "It's nasty. They're at each other's throats. Because Jen's a big star and Cris is not, he sees himself as being the brains behind the beauty."

Against Jen's better judgement she let him call the creative shots for her first ever concert. Now she's saying he blew it!

"Jen claims Cris made her come across like an unhip version of CHER."

A friend confides, "Jennifer and Cris are going through a really rough patch and she's nervous she made a mistake. The criticism of their show has driven a wedge between them. For the first time they realise that marriage isn't just romance and flowers - it's learning to support each other emotionally." (MB/TG/BRC)

Source: WENN