Date: 2nd December 2001

Stephen Daldry Desperate For Kids

Homosexual BILLY ELLIOT (2000) director STEPHEN DALDRY has married because he wants to be a father. The British auteur married New York actress LUCY SEXTON last month (November 2001) in secret, causing confusion among critics who had labelled him gay.

The director's friendship with young actor JAMIE BELL, who was cast as the lead in the film about the ballet dancing boy, is cited as the reason behind Daldry's yearning for parenthood.

A friend of the filmmaker says, "Stephen wants to be a parent more than anything else. It may seem unconventional, but he has always said he is bisexual and is utterly sincere and very committed to having a family life. The idea seems to be that he and his wife will have a child as soon as they can " (JLM/WNTMA/BRC)

Source: WENN