Date: 3rd December 2001

Kate Winslet's Ex-Hisband - Lving With A Star Is Tough

KATE WINSLET's estranged husband JIM THREAPLETON is happier since splitting with the movie star - he now gets to see his baby daughter Mia. Jim flew into Austin, Texas to look after his 13-month-old daughter, whilst Kate filmed her latest movie LIFE OF DAVID GALE, the (2002).

Acquaintances predicted that he would confront Kate about the romantic weekend she spent with director SAM MENDES, who she is now dating, soon after they split. However, despite Kate initially not wanting to see him, the atmosphere gradually thawed as they played with Mia, who is learning how to walk.

Jim says, "Life was rough, living with a movie star. I'm much happier now. It's hard when you have an ex-wife who is this busy and successful. Kate was always traveling and Mia would be with her. I'm actually seeing more of my daughter since we split".

And after splitting with the movie star following Kate's pronouncement that the marriage had broken down "irretrievably", Jim is now enjoying his life again. He adds, "My relationship with Kate is perfect now. Everything is going according to plan with the divorce and we have agreed to be friends. We are structuring our lives around Mia and that is something I'm enjoying very much. " (JS/WNSMA/MCM)

Source: WENN