Date: 27th November 2001

Cruise's Career Made Kidman Feel Inferior

NICOLE KIDMAN felt creatively inferior to ex-husband TOM CRUISE - and had to reclaim her career halfway through their marriage. The sexy actress split from the diminutive TOP GUN (1986) star earlier this year (01) - and Kidman has revealed she had to tell Cruise she was concentrating on "finding out who I am" halfway through their ten year marriage.

She says, "I fell in love, madly in love and it was like 'fine'. I left my flat in Australia and I never went back to it. I kind of went, 'Oh, forget my career, who cares? I just want to be married and have kids. ' I allowed myself to be defined by a man and that was OK, I wanted that. But I was married to Tom at the time he was doing these extraordinary roles and I just felt like such a loser. I said halfway through the marriage, 'I don't want this now, I want your influence, but I kind of want to find out who I am. '" (CPT/WNWCGL/IG)

Source: WENN