Date: 25th November 2001

Jackie Collins Slams Cosmetic Surgery

Celebrity novelist JACKIE COLLINS has taken a side swipe at women who counter the effects of ageing with cosmetic surgery. Jackie, who - like DYNASTY legend sister JOAN - is particularly glamorous for her age, believes Hollywood is taking evergreen youth too far.

She says, "It's ridiculous. They start very early now. You look at some of these television programmes and from season to season you see that they've done little teeny things for themselves. It's called 'maintenance'. Instead of going for a facial, they'll go in for a peel. "

She adds, "They don't want to waste time having children. They'll either adopt from a Third World country or they will take her eggs and his sperm, put them in a blender, surrogate mother and instant baby! It's frightening because there are certain big movie stars, men included, who do not look like themselves anymore. " (SC/WNSEX/NFA)

Source: WENN