Date: 26th November 2001

Mob Killed Marilyn Monroe

FRANK SINATRA tried to take revenge for the death of MARILYN MONROE after discovering she'd been murdered by the mob. The legendary crooner, linked to organised crime throughout his life, found out that Mafia boss SAM GIANCANA had killed the movie legend.

And this revelation led him to work alongside the FBI against the mob for years to come, according to writer MICHAEL MUNN. The scribe's information comes from a reliable source.

He had an affair with OlE BLUE EYES' ex-wife AVA GARDNER, who spilled the beans on the Marilyn affair. Sinatra called a meeting of the infamous RAT PACK, including DEAN MARTIN, SAMMY DAVIS and PETER LAWFORD - during which Lawford, an in-law of President JOHN F KENNEDY, admitted his part in a massive cover-up designed to keep out of the press the fact that BOBBY KENNEDY had been with the blonde actress on the day she died.

The police made no investigation whatsoever, but Sinatra launched his own private investigation instead. As he had feared, Monroe had sealed her fate when she drunkenly confided to Giancana about her affair with Bobby and how she planned to expose it.

Munn writes, "Giancana saw it as an opportunity to bring scandal to the White House. That evening they dragged Marilyn to her bedroom and inserted a suppository soaked with Nembutal barbiturate into her rectum." Munn also suggests Sinatra was set to ask the some like it Hot (1959) actress to marry him. (ACW/WNTEX/BRC)

Source: WENN