Date: 26th November 2001

JK Rowling To Be Billionaire

HARRY POTTER creator j.k Rowling is set to become the world's first billionaire author. Once a penniless single mum, Rowling has already amassed an $84. 5 million (65 million) fortune - but experts say this will be "small change" compared to what she may net in the future.

PHILIP BERESFORD, who compiles Britain's SUNDAY TIMES' Rich List, says, "She is the biggest brand name in literature since SHAKESPEARE. If this carries on over all seven planned Potter books and films she could be on course to be the first billionaire author. "

An incredible 124 million Harry Potter novels have been snapped up worldwide since they first hit the market in 1997. (NFA/WNTSU/ES)

Source: WENN