Date: 16th November 2001

Hurley And Grant To Marry

eLIZabeth HURLEY and HUGH GRANT are planning to get married - even though Hurley is pregnant with another man's child. The AUSTIN POWERS star has flown back into the arms of her ex-lover Grant after splitting from her multi-millionaire boyfriend STEphEn BING, according to America's STAR MAGAZINE.

Bing's distaste for fatherhood drove the couple apart, and now Hurley has asked Grant to step in and marry her - bringing the baby up as his own. And devoted Grant, who has been keen to father a child for years, has said yes.

A friend reveals, "She poured her heart out to Hugh: 'You'd be the ideal father for my baby. I now know we were always meant to be together. We should just get married. ' Hugh, taken aback, stuttered in surprise then took her hand and said, Yes darling. I've waited a long time to hear you say that. '"

Liz's heartbreak at Bing's abandonment disappeared at once. The friend adds, "Liz couldn't be more excited and happy if the baby were Hugh's - and truth be told she'd give anything if it were. Hugh and Liz both deeply regret that they put off getting married after spending all those years together, especially since she's now pregnant with another man's baby. But Hugh has promised to love and help raise the tyke as his own. " (SVD/TS/NFA)

Source: WENN