Date: 14th November 2001

Berry Bares Absolutley All

Hollywood star HALLE BERRY has shot a full-frontal nude scene for a steamy sex scene in her latest flick. The gorgeous actress strips off as she makes love to BILLY BOB THORNTON in their new movie MONSTER'S BALL (2001).

And according to Hollywood gossip columnists, Halle was paid an extra $1 million (777,777) for the daring scene. The sexy actress also bared her breasts in the film SWORDFISH (2001) with JOHN TRAVOLTA - but denied at the time she received a bonus of $500,000 (384,615) for doing so.

In the movie, Halle plays the widow of a DEATH ROW prisoner, played by Sean 'Puffy' Combs, who has an affair with one of the prison guards who killed him, played by Thornton. At the American premiere of the film last week (END11NOV01), the buxom beauty admitted she wasn't comfortable watching the sex scene while sitting next to her husband, singer ERIC BENET.

She explained, "When he was watching, I was thinking, 'What's going on in his mind?'" But Halle must be able to imagine his emotions to some extent - Benet recently filmed a love scene with MARIAH CAREY in her failed movie debut GLITTER (2001). (KW/WNTSP/KMW)

Source: WENN