Date: 13th November 2001

Pammie Set To Self Destruct

Friends of PAMELA ANDERSON fear for the former BAYWATCH actress as she appears to be heading for a breakdown. The blonde star - who is engaged to rocker KID ROCK - is said to have had a miscarriage earlier this month (NOV01), following reports that she was expecting the singer's child.

And pals say Pamela has since slid out of control, slurring her speech and forgetting who she has spoken to. One anxious friend tells Scotland's DAILY RECORD tabloid, "She seems to have pushed the self-destruct button on her life. Pam is blaming everything on a lack of sleep. I think it's a combination of that and something more serious. "

Anderson has been with Rock - real name BOB RITCHIE - since April (01), and the actresses' mates fear he may be a destructive influence on her. The pal adds, "Ever since Pam took up with Kid Rock, she's been out of control. I know her family's been worried sick about his influence over her, but it's like talking to a brick wall. Pam's mom is very uneasy about her relationship with Mr Ritchie. "

And even Anderson's ex husband, MOTLEY CRUE drummer TOMMY LEE, who's the father of her two sons, three-year-old DYLAN and five- year-old BRANDON, is said to be concerned about Pamela's erratic behaviour. He recently said, "If I feel that Dylan and Brandon are not getting the level of care and attention they normally get, then some things will have to change. " (IG/WNTRE/KW)

Source: WENN