Date: 11th November 2001

Whitney Houston In Rehab

Troubled singer WHITNEY HOUSTON has spent a week in rehab suffering from "nervous exhaustion". BOBBY BROWN'S wife has been dogged by recent tales of drug problems, and checked into the American clinic on the advice of her record label ARISTA who footed the expensive bill.

A friend says, "Whitney's a great artist but she seems to have gone off the rails a bit and the label are very concerned. They want her to recover and take a break from everything and get back to her old ways and do what she does best - perform and record songs. She's signed a six-album deal for $75 million (97 million), which is staggering but it goes to prove how much faith the label has in her. They're just looking after their investment. Whitney's sure to bounce back and it'll be business as usual. "

Whitney is staying at Arizona's MEADOWS CLINIC, which has also eased BACKSTREET BOY AJ MCLEAN and British TV presenter MICHAEL BARRYMORE through their problems. (JLM/WNSNE/IG)

Source: WENN