Date: 31st October 2001

Penélope Cruz To Join The Church Of Scientology

Tom Cruise's new love, Blow (2001) actress PenÚlope Cruz is so much in love with him, she's decided to convert to his religion and join The Church Of Scientology.

Catholic Cruz has agreed to take on the religion, before they are married next year and has already commenced her discovery of the religion, by attending meetings. The sexy star has also agreed to sign a prenuptial agreement, stating her commitment to Tom and his religion.

Sources close to the cocktail (1988) star, reveal how ex-wife Nicole Kidman's adamancy to join the Church of Scientology and wish to raise their children outside the church, drove a wedge between them, finally concluding in divorce.

PenÚlope is willing to do anything to please her new husband-to-be and sees joining the church as part of her role as the new Mrs. Cruise.