Date: 29th September 2001

Sadie Frost's Sister Arrested

Actress SADIE FROST yesterday (28SEPT01) told of her shock after her sister SUNSHINE TARA PURPLE VELVET was arrested on suspicion of drug dealing. Velvet, known as SUNNY to her friends, was held after a cop raid on her home produced a haul of cannabis.

Her boyfriend TERRY ELLIS was arrested hours earlier by the NATIONAL CRIME SQUAD, and was alleged to have cocaine with him. Sadie, married to A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001) star JUDE LAW, says, "I was deeply shocked to hear this upsetting news. This is very distressing for my family. "

But Sadie's sunny sister insists she's innocent. She says, "This is a nightmare. I don't do drugs and I certainly don't deal drugs. " (RM/WNTSU/NFA)

Source: WENN



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