Date: 30th September 2001

Redgrave Kicks Out Her Husband

British actress LYNN REDGRAVE has evicted her womanising ex-husband from the couple's Hollywood home after he refused to move. Redgrave was divorced from JOHN CLARK in December (00) after learning he had fathered the child of the couple's assistant, who became their daughter-in-law.

And Clark claims he can't believe his ex-wife is being so mean. He says, "She took me to court to throw me out of the house so she could sell it, and amazingly, the judge agreed. I really could not believe it. Although I would get half of the money from the safe, it will all go towards my legal expenses. I want to stay in my home - it's all I have left. "

Clark was led off the premises on Monday (24SEP01) in handcuffs. He adds, "It was the most humiliating thing in my life. " (KL/NE/IG)

Source: WENN