Date: 1st October 2001

John Cusack And Neve Campbell Kiss And Make Up

JOHN CUSACK and NEVE CAMPBELL have rekindled their love after splitting for a few months - and they're sealing their commitment by rebuilding their love nest. The Hollywood screen stars are currently in the midst of supervising the remodelling of Cusack's $2 million (1. 5 million) Malibu, California, home.

AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS (2001) star Cusack and SCREAM (1996) queen Campbell broke up earlier this summer (01) because of arguments about Cusack's wandering eye, but then travelled together to the exotic Pacific island of Bora Bora. During their two weeks there, Cusack, 35, was expected to asked 27-year-old Campbell to mary him.

But, according to American tabloid the STAR, they instead returned to Los Angeles in a less than loving mood. But a witness of the couple's recent construction site visit says, "It's all better now. They held each other so tight that their friend JON LOVITZ had to tell them the construction workers were staring at them. " (RGS/TS/KW)

Source: WENN